WELCOME to the Confederation Park Parent Advisory Committee (PAC)

Stay Connected

Whether it’s our popular hot lunch program or an upcoming field trip, keep up to date and don’t miss out. Read the school newsletter, follow us on Facebook and Twitter (@confedpac) view our website and talk to a PAC member or your Class Rep to learn about all the great things happening at Confederation Park School and how you can be a part of them.

A community where Education through the Arts is enthusiastically embraced; where parents, students and teachers use creativity to enhance learning and where personal expression is celebrated. Confederation Park School is a wonderful place and we, your Parent Advisory Council (PAC), are excited that you and your family have chosen to spend these important years here.

As a parent of a Confederation Park student, you are a member of ConfedPAC and an integral part of the Confederation Park Community. You bring skills and talents that will add to the fabric of our school. Your support and enthusiasm will contribute to the uniqueness of Confederation Park School.

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Confederation Park is an active school, offering many varied opportunities for parents to participate in activities and events.


It’s all about the kids

Your involvement in the Confederation Park Community makes a difference to your child’s school experience. They see you being an active participant building connections between home and school.  Role models who give back to the community will impact how their children value and interact with their own community now and in the future. When you are involved, your children will see school as a place of activity,  a place of belonging and that families are part of the activity at school.  They feel pride that you are helping out.


Community Focused

Here are just a few of the great moments you can share with your children:


Welcome Back!

Terry Fox Run.  Remembering the actions of a great Canadian while supporting the fight against cancer.


Pink Shirt Day Community Gathering.   Acceptance is a way of life.


Halloween Community Gathering.   See what happens when you invite a school of artistically minded kids to dress up.  Super fun!





Remembrance Day Community Gathering.  A time to reflect and remember.



Pancake Breakfast.  Dine with Santa in your pajamas.



Special Theatrical Performance.  The school will once again undertake a major theatrical production to be held at the Michael J. Fox Theatre.




Memory Books.   What better memento than a school yearbook filled with photos and memories of friends, events and accomplishments?

Sports Day.  A day filled with fun outdoor activities and school spirit. Cheer them on!

Leaving Ceremony.  A gathering to say goodbye to our Grade 7 students and look ahead to the summer.


….plus many other events and gatherings that are planned throughout the year to celebrate the students’ achievements and commemorate special occasions.