Clubs and Teams


Clubs & Teams listed in ALPHABETICAL order:

BOYS BASKETBALL – Coach: Ms. Coutts


CARD CLUB-This club runs every Tuesday at 12:15 for students from grades 3-7.  This club is led by Ms. Diana Pesa and many teacher sponsors. (Club runs from January 23 – June 19th.)

Card Club permission formCard Club consent Term 2

CHESS & GAMES CLUB – Sponsor Teachers:  Ms. Dias, Ms. Isbister

COMPUTER CLUB – Sponsor Teachers:  Mrs. Sale and Ms. Harrison.  Open to students grades 2-7.

CROSS COUNTRY – Sponsor Teachers:  Ms. McKenna and Ms. Marshall

GARDEN CLUB – Seasonal

INTERMEDIATE CONCERT CHOIR – Sponsor Teachers:  Mrs. Ishii

MULTIMEDIA CLUB – Sponsor Teacher: Mrs. Ishii

Mondays 3:10 – 4:30 in the Library, grades 4 – 7, led by Yunuen

April 30 – June 11th

MUNCH A MUSIC CLUB – Sponsor Teacher:  Mrs. Ishii

Thursdays at 12:15 starting April 26th in the Music Room

MUSIC LISTENING PROGRAM – This program runs daily within school time.  Schedules are posted in intermediate class rooms. Sponsor Teacher:  Mrs. Ishii

SCRAPBOOKING CLUB – This club runs the first Wednesday of every month for students from grades 3-7. This club is led by Ms. Diana Pesa, and teacher sponsors: Mrs. Sale, Ms.Marshall, Ms. McKenna, Ms. Trzcinski.

TEXTILES CLUB – Sponsor Teachers:  Ms. McKenna, Mrs. Ishii

TRACK & FIELD – Sponsor Teachers:  Ms. McKenna, Ms. Marshall, Mrs. Sale, Ms. Trzcinski

BOYS VOLLEYBALL – Sponsor Teacher:  Ms. Coutts

GIRLS VOLLEYBALL – Sponsor Teacher:  Ms. Isbister